Dellia is one of our experienced and highly dynamic trainers. She has previously served, in professional capacity, a diverse range of client needs, including children, adolescents, and people with special needs, young adults and working professionals. These clients include the students of Metta School, youths and corporate companies such as LTA, CPF boards and etc.

In addition, Dellia has over twelve years of volunteer experience in running camps and various training programs for primary, secondary and polytechnic students. Her distinction as a trainer lies not just in her professional commitment to excellence, but also in her heart of genuine concern for people.

This concern gives Dellia’s training the “human factor”, where she is able to inspire personal confidence in people and to facilitate moments that inspire a transformational mindset which breakaways from old fears and limitations. In straightforward terms, Dellia’s purpose is to bring out the best in her clients so they may achieve personal success. Her energetic and approachable personality, combined with attention to detail, genuine concern for people and a professional commitment to making every programme a success makes her a winning trainer.

When not involved in corporate training, Dellia continues to hone her communication and facilitation skills via volunteer work. Despite her multiple roles as a mother of two and corporate trainer, Dellia persists in mentoring young people weekly in her own time. 

Dellia is ACTA certified and holds Diploma (High Distinction) in Drama (Laselle College of the Arts) a Diploma in Special Education (NIE) and a Certificate in Autism (ARC).

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