The Ice-cream making Challenge *

Ever wondered what goes into making ice cream taste so good? Sorbets and Sherbets got you all confused? Centre For Performance Transformation’s Ice Cream Challenge will demystify it all in a fun-filled day!

This session is designed for participants to build team cohesion as they engage in a morning of experiential activities to build teamwork, communication and trust.

Teams will then learn the basics of how to make ice cream in a simple recipe that they can easily replicate at home. The steps include:

  • Mixing the ingredients for the ice cream base
  • Chilling the mixture
  • Preparing a freezing container
  • Freezing the ice cream mixture

Then, taking the credits earned from the morning activities, teams will experiment, design and create their own full-course ice cream dish that includes unique flavors, accompanying condiments and the perfect presentation of the dessert.

Participants must exercise their ability to brainstorm, think creatively and exhibit a customer-centric focus as they whip up the ultimate dessert to impress the hearts and stomachs of their colleagues!