The Goose Chase Urban Race ***

Amazing Race goes high tech! The Urban Race pits teams in a race around the urban landscape of Singapore. Teams will locate checkpoints based on clues, snap a photo of the location and complete a task, at before they can move on. Checkpoints for the race can be planned thematically; we have checkpoints for best local food in Singapore, historical trail and others. Let us know your passion, and we will customize the Urban Race for your team.

 The Urban Race can incorporate the team moving around on various modes of public transportation, famous landmarks and a host of other missions that are only limited by your imagination.

The Urban Race uses the Goose Chase app that teams will download onto their 3G-enabled smartphone. When the game starts, all teams will activate the specific game that has been created, and will begin to retrieve clues via the app. whenever a particular mission has been cleared, the team snaps a photo and uploads it to the system as ‘proof’ and the system tracks the progress of every team.

The Goose Chase Urban Race brings a new level of excitement to the classic Race format of a program because any every team can see the progress of every other team real time via the app. Plenty of missions means any team can vault into the lead at any time, so teams must make it to the top and make sure they maintain their position! The corporate Goose Chase Challenge will test each team’s ability to put into practice the following team building attributes:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning and execution of plan with flexibility
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Collaboration and trust
  • Strategy – individual and team
  • Performance under pressure

At the end of the race, teams will recount their adventures by presenting the highlights of their learning experience. The corporate Goose Chase is a great team bonding experience that provides competition, learning and most of all, FUN.