The Island Escape *****

Red Alert!! Island Seasports is infected with a deadly virus. The world tried to help, but it seem that they were not able to find the antidote to combat the outbreak. In order to contain the spread of this virus, a decision was made to destroy Island Seasports. At this moment, Naval battleships are deployed and all communication ceased.

 Your team of scientists was deployed to Island Seasports at the onset of the outbreak to find a cure. Seem like your team is being abandoned, as the authority is afraid that your team may carry the virus if rescued.
In the last hours before the island is destroyed, your team discovered a cure to the disease. The extract from the stem of the “whatisnot” plant can be used to concoct a cure. Based on local knowledge, you know that the “whatisnot” plant is a wild plant that can only be found in abundance in Island Rufus. The island is about 5km away from your location. Your team decides to dispatch 3 members to the island to search for the plant. You must complete the following tasks before the island is destroyed:
1. Communicate with the battleships to cease operation
2. Search the island and clear all obstacles to get the necessary materials that can be found in the island to build a seaworthy raft to transport 4-5 members of your team to Island Rufus.
The Island Escape Race will test each team’s ability to put into practice the following team building attributes:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning and execution of plan with flexibility
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Collaboration and trust
  • Strategy – individual and team
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance under pressure

At the end of the session, teams will recounts their adventures by presenting the highlights of their learning experience. The Island Escape is a great team bonding experience that provides competition, learning and most of all, FUN.