The Stand-up Paddling Challenge ****

Stand-up paddling is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. This ancient sport of paddle surfing is re-introduced to the modern water sports world. Its ease of learning is key to its popularity, with beginners becoming comfortable in as little as an hour of training. Individual will have to decide if he/she wants to learn this sport and be prepared to mentally for failure in their first few attempts, picking themselves up on the board again, every time they fall.

The session can be divided into the following:

- Phase 1: Team Learning and Practice
Our instructors will teach the participants the art of stand-up paddling. It will include safety briefing. Participants will learn in small group under the watchful eyes of our instructors. This session provide participants with the opportunity to build self-confidence and to harness team learning to overcome perceived difficulties.

- Phase 2: Team Expedition
Team will move together on an expedition along the coastline of East Coast Parkway. As the team move, we will suggest that the team move in a formation that should be determined by them. The formation ensures that the weaker members are care for and that, even in an individualistic activity like this, core value of people-centeredness, teamwork and professionalism can be exhibited. We also like to highlight the impact of team to individual willingness to learn or take risk.

Point for Reflection
1. Before the launch, members will be asked to be conscious about their feelings, how they manage it and what help or does not help them conquer their fears.
2. Members are given the option to decide. Members need to appreciate choices that we made. It may not be the same. It is important to understand why we make certain choices and to respect that as individual preference.

• To Instill confidence in individual to develop unknown potential in his/her capabilities
• To highlight a journey of self-discovery of the inner potential of individual in their quest to scale new height. Responsiveness is important, as individual makes adjustment as they gather new insights about their potential and strive towards taking more challenges.
• To highlight the value on Passion for Progress, in the area of learning new skills and the need to develop mental resilience to overcome challenges