The Kayaking Expedition ****

We are getting you ready for an expedition. The one-day Kayaking Expedition team program draws on the joy of learning together through sports in the area of inter-personal relationship in teams. Kayakers learn not only to care for themselves, but that of the other team members. It is in learning together that members build bond for each other and form a commitment to support each other in their expedition.

 The Kayaking Expedition starts with providing participants the basic needed to get out into the water and enjoy steering the boat movement through the water. Through a series of guided practices, participants will be ready to perform a 2km expedition along East Coast Beach.

We aim to ensure that this team building activity will not only help our participants see the importance of team work and bonding, but that they’ll take these unforgettable experiences and skills back to the work environment.

Program includes the following:
Kayaking Expedition Overview
Our kayak expedition overview starts with basics and builds a foundation for your paddling abilities in the water. It covers the proper fit of a kayak, proper grip of your paddle, basic safety, entry and exit of your kayak, and maneuvering your boat. The practical approach of the overview session is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of safety and control to get them paddling confidently.

Prepare to Launch
Members perform safety checks on each other and prepare their kayaks for the 2km expedition from NSRCC Sea Sports Centre to East Coast Parkway (Bedok Jetty) and return

Kayaking Expedition
Kayaks launched and will travel in groups of 10 kayaks, each led by 1 facilitator. A safety boat will be deployed along the passageway to support the expedition.

Return, tea break and Wash-up
Back on dry land, participants will rest; replenish their stomach and wash-up. It must have been a tiring expedition, but there are a lot to learn and share.

In the 4 groups, members share experience and suggest how such experience can be translated in the workplace.