The Water Rafting Challenge© *****

The Water Rafting Challenge© is a fun-filled competitive event that challenges teams to exercise their creativity, innovation skills and team-work to earn enough money to buy resources and build a water raft. Teams, comprising not more than 12 participants will be formed to compete in this challenge.

 There are 3 phases to the Water Rafting Challenge:
Phase 1: Earn the Money (Activities from GRPI Session)
Teams will perform 4 facilitated activities to earn the money. Teams can earn the money through activities focusing on their performance or competition or collaboration.
To earn money based on performance:

    • Each team will be led to perform 2 facilitated activities. Each of the activity will have a given goal set for the team.
    • For team to get the maximum points, they will have to meet or exceed the target set. To earn money based on competition:
    • All teams will compete in 2 facilitated activities.
    • Money will be awarded based on position achieved in each activity.
    • There will be one activity that requires teams to collaborate

Phase 2: Build the Raft
With the money earned, teams will purchase the props that they need to build their raft. There will be teams with a lot of money and others with less than what they projected to earn. There could be a few scenarios that may occur:

      • Those with more money buy props that were not in their original list of items and those with less will have to redesign their raft to do with what they can purchase. (Silo behavior)
      • Those with more money give away some to the “needy”. (Cross-functional behavior)

Phase 3: Launch and Race
How this race unfolds will depend on actions the teams take in phase 3. Silo behavior will lead to viewing this race as a competition. Cross-functional behavior will lead to teams viewing this race as helping each other fulfilling their dreams.
Teams will launch their rafts with all members on board their respective rafts. They will paddle a distance of about 50m and turn-around back to shore.