Ukulele Rhythm Musical Challenge *

Anyone Can Play
Centre for Performance Transformation presents our Ukulele Rhythm Workshop that will have you playing songs in less than 3 hours. Play the world’s friendliest musical instrument no matter what your musical background. You and your team will be jamming popular sing-a-long tunes by the time the workshop is over. This will also set you on a course towards learning other of your favorite repertoire with a minimum guidance.

About Ukuleles
The ukulele (pronounced as “Yoo-Koo-Leh-Lee” in Hawaiian) is best known for its association with Hawaiian music. The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the cavaquinho, a small guitar-like instrument brought to the islands of Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. The name ukulele actually means ‘jumping flea’ in Hawaiian. The ukulele is noted as being the easiest instruments for people of all ages and abilities to learn. In short, the ukulele is endless FUN!

Innovative Team Building
Our half-day Ukulele Rhythm Workshop provides an absolutely unique platform for teams to come together to learn to work and listen to each other through music and rhythm. Participants will be taught ukulele chords formation, strumming and a series of captivating sing-a-long songs. Our presentation is highly effective, engaging and high energy, providing participants with a combination of digital and hands-on learning to ensure success at playing the ukulele regardless of their musical experience.

Deemed as the highlight of our programme, at the end of the workshop teams will have to do a musical presentation showcasing their newfound talents. Teams will discover and display unwavering support for each other in this fun-filled environment. This is a catalyst for building cohesive teams as the Ukulele Rhythm Workshop breaks down barriers in communications having participants start on the ‘same page’ in their musical journey with ukuleles. Endless possibilities.