The Domino Challenge *

Bringing groups together, the Domino Challenge aim to harness the energy of individual group to come together to build a domino design based on the theme agreed upon by each group. Every group will be assigned a part of the design and an area to construct their portion of the dominoes. Each of the design is linked together to form the “big picture” that portrays the team effort. The Domino Challenge comes in 3 phases

Phase 1: The Planning Phase
Imagine having 10,000 pieces of dominoes, distributed evenly to each group. Such massive amount requires groups to co-ordinate their effort. In this phase, the groups will come together to plan and design the domino connection. Each group will be assigned a portion of the design and an area to construct its part. Each group must also agree on how each of their construction is linked to one another, so that it will only require one piece to topple to create a chain effect.

Phase 2: The Construction Phase
Group will gather in their area as they begin construction. Each member will be assigned roles to play in the construction phase. Care must be taken as members place the domino on a flat surface, balancing one from the other. It can be frustrating to experience a toppling of domino at this stage, as it could cause a chain effect. Patience and perseverance are important to developing mental resilience. Phase 1 and Phase 2 aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning and execution of plan with flexibility
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Collaboration and trust
  • Strategy – individual and team
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance under pressure

Phase 3: The Toppling Phase This is the moment every member is waiting for; the joy to celebrate the completion of the construction phase, and sometime the frustration that what is constructed will now be toppled, but with a good cause – The power of working together. As team celebrate, we invite our special guest to start the chain reaction by toppling the first piece of the domino. Members gather to observe the magnificent sight of a stream-less flow of dominoes being toppled over. The celebration is about the precision of our work, the patience that each member put in and the perseverance to press on even in difficult situation. This celebration is about the molding of a tough mental resilience.