The Golfing Challenge *

The golfing challenge is a great activity for groups of all ages and physical abilities. Teams will participate in activities to earn credits and buy materials for their golf course. Creativity and a healthy dose of imagination are needed to design and construct a challenging course.

Organization of team and challenge
1. Teams comprising of 5-6 participants will be formed
2. All teams start with an empty credit balance.
3. Teams will have to earn credits by competing in activities.
4. Purchase resources for teams to build their golf course
5. Teams will play on opposing teams’ courses. The teams with the lowest number of strokes taken to complete a course wins

Phase 1: Teambuilding Activities
1. Teams will start together by participating in 2 station activities aiming at building interpersonal relationship.

Phase 2: Assigning props and Build the golf course
2. Teams will be told that they will need to build a 9-hole golf course, consisting of 2 Par 3 holes, 5 Par 4 holes and 2 Par 5 holes.
3. Among the teams, they will have to decide whom to build Par 3, 4 or 5 holes and to decide on the layout of the green.
4. Team will need to design and build the most interesting and challenging golf course possible

Phase 3: Presentation and Tee Off!
5. Each team will have a chance to play at every course constructed by the other teams
6. The team that has the lowest number of strokes taken to complete all the holes wins!