Clifton’s Strengths FInder

Introduction to Gallup’s ® Strengths Finder:
Over the last 50 years, Gallup has studied human behavior and has surveyed more than 10 million people around the globe to identify the factors that best explain staff productivity and motivation on the job. The results of this research are clear: People realize their full potential only when they are able to use their greatest talents on a daily basis. Peak performance is found wherever staffs are in roles that match what they naturally do well.

 This Strengths Finder session aim to achieve the following purposes:
A) Develop a better understanding of your own innate talents and Strengths. Getting the Strengths Finder report is only the beginning. Our Certified Strengths Finder Coach would be able to draw out what are your Top 5 Strengths that you most likely are not using on a daily basis.

The Top 5 Strengths could be dominant in either of the 4 domains:
a. Executing:
One who would rather get things done. They are the Doers and things get done in a diligent manner
b. Strategic Thinking:
One who feels energized when having to think their way out of a situation c. Relationship:
One who prioritizes relationship above all else. How others feel and how deep a relational bond is held in higher regard
d. Influencing:
One who is able to rally others to a task or goal and has a magnetic force that draws others towards them

B) Appreciate other team members Strengths and how these Strengths causes us to filter the information that we receive:
a. Most misunderstandings in a team are due to difference in perception. It is how we view the world we live in and majority of the time it is due to the filters that our own Top 5 strengths give us.

C) Develop a Team Strength Chart to support each other to focus on strength-based coaching
a. Most coaching focus on gap in performance. Strength-based coaching in team encourages members to recognize talents in team members and supporting team members in developing their talents into strength.