The Laser Tag Battle Challenge ***

Centre for Performance Transformation have taken the hi-tech gadgetry of laser tag and given it the adrenaline rush and mission specific game play in an outdoor environment. Our latest range of equipment comes with RF capability that adds a new dimension to Laser Combat Battle.

The Outdoor Laser Tag Combat Battle Challenge is played, on specific mission-based role-play scenarios. Players are placed on combat teams and assigned specific functions, duties, and roles as they battle each other. The challenge requires team to be able to exercise strategic approach to battlefields’ scenarios and the ability of team to exercise inter-personal relationship skills.


Our Range of Equipment


The MP5 Stinger is hands down the best laser tag weapon on the market. Realistic weight and feel are key attributes in the design. The Stinger is both light and agile allowing quick targeting and reaction needed in laser tag combat scenarios.

The MP5 Stinger is made from 100% Alcoa aluminum with 95% of all parts sourced from US companies.

MP5 Stinger has RF capability that enables it to keep score of individual and team performance in mission-specific scenarios, thus making laser tag challenges meaningful and purposeful. Other features on the MP5 Stinger include Shield, medic box and others, providing a new dimension to playing strategic mission scenario.

M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun is the ultimate laser tag battlefield weapon. Designed for base defense or specific laser tag combat missions, the M2 is the “WOW!” weapon for your battle scenarios.

The M2 is mounted on a freestanding laser tag mount base that swivels 360 degrees for ultimate base defense coverage. It has a firing distance of 200-300m.


Bringing a new twist to mission-based scenario games, the interchangeable game box can be used as a Respawn Box (restores an eliminated player back into the game), a Medic Box (restores health to an active player) or an Ammo Box (restores ammo to an active player). Compact and light-weight, it does not hamper the mobility of players assigned to play mission-specific roles like medic or support team.

The Domination Cube is perfect for creating strategic games of capturing and securing areas on the battlefield. It has an expansive menu system with options for independent point limits, timers, and many other game features. The flexibility in game options means this box can fit perfectly in absolutely any area of your arena or outdoor field.

The cube has four bright external light panels and an internal light system that changes color depending on team control. This makes it easy to spot for either team no matter the light or lack thereof in the surrounding field or arena.


Our latest gadget - The Briefcase Bomb is a premier prop, perfect for any bombing mission style games. It comes in a heavy-duty case capable of taking wear and tear from any battlefield, both indoor and out.

The bomb has a well-lit blue screen, a bright red timer and two colored buttons that light up, making it perfect for night games. The expansive menu system has options for length of defused pass code, timer length, and volume controls, letting you customize the prop to each different arena or mission type.

When the timer is ticking, the bomb beeps loudly, letting players know where they need to go. When detonated, the bomb will fill the area with flashing lights and realistic sound effects.